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How to cope when things aren't going your way

At long last...I'm jumping into 2018. Please...let me explain my delay...

I had gallbladder surgery on January 3. Surgery went well, and even recovery went well, but unfortunately it didn't resolve all my health issues. 

Two surgeries in three months with cancer treatments thrown in the middle of slowed me up a bit.

So, the other day I realized - here I am, two years into cancer treatments, and I'm still waiting for full health to return...when suddenly I realized that may never actually happen. 
(Is that what the oncologist meant last year when he said I may as well accept the fact that I'd never go back to work?) 

I'm like a cellphone trying to operate in the red zone that drops to black suddenly and unpredictably.  

Sometimes I'm incapacitated...but then the awful symptoms drop from a full boil to a simmer. It's great! Maybe I'll head to church, or drive to Target, or something simple like that. Those days, as unpredictable as they are, always le…