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Are You Looking for A Good Read? True Stories That'll Leave You Inspired?

Five reasons to purchase My Emmaus Walk, True Stories of Faith, Hope and Inspiration:

1. It'll remind you how much God loves you
2. It'll inspire you
3. It'll make you smile
4. You'll make my day!
5. You'll make someone else's day when you gift it to them

Okay, that was hard to do. 

Really, I'd much rather write than promote. 

But, now that the book is done, the publisher flipped the promotion switch into high gear. My head is spinning. Whaaat???I have to do whaaat?  Promote the book?Time stands still for no one, and the wheels are turning so fast, that if I stand still, I'd fall down!

So here I am...shamelessly promoting!

And it's okay...

Because I believe this book was written for you...I believe God has something to tell you in these pages... and, for whatever reason, I believe this is His timing...

My Emmaus Walk is now available for purchase at AuthorHouse, Amazon, and bookstores in paperback, Kindle and most e-readers. Please tell your friends and family!…

Drum Roll...Please Stay Tuned...

I always knew I'd write a book...I never knew it would be now...but God had a plan!

Stay tuned!   The grand launch is coming soon!  Amazon...Kindle...

You matter...and I'm so excited to share this with you!   

For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord..  Jeremiah 29:11