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By The Grace of God, Who Gets This?

I thought I’d easily find a home for our spare bed. But God had another plan. 

Nobody in my family needed a double bed. The neighborhood gatekeepers declined. The local furniture bank didn't return my calls. The Vietnam Vets truck only accepts small beds.
Finally, reluctantly, I posted a Facebook Marketplace ad. Good condition. $50. 
Then I waited.
Someone messaged me. Before sharing my contact information, I visited her Facebook page...and found off-color jokes and condemning statements. My gut said to pass.
Someone else sent four abrupt messages, "Is this still available?" "Send me the address" "I coming" "Hello" (Guess I didn't respond quick enough in the 60 seconds it took to send the first three bullets.) Her Facebook page?  Well...let's not go there.
Then Dina* contacted me: "Mi interesa este articula."  "Is full?"
"Yes," I responded. "Si." 
Dina's Facebook page revealed a smi…

Ding! Ding! This round of cancer treatments ended...but Keep the Boxing Gloves On!

Last week's oncology appointment delivered good news!  My numbers are better than ever! 

And I felt pretty good that day!   
Sure, along with the recent rounds of treatments there have been bouts of agonizing symptoms...sure, good days are totally unpredictable...but...
I high-fived my PA..."Wait until next time you see me," I said. "I'll be a new person...someone you've never seen before!"
We laughed.
Admittedly, the ongoing treatments present challenges. 
"It's like having a wild animal living in your system," I told the oncologist. "Sometimes it attacks with force. Sometimes it's in the corner, growling.  Sometimes it's just the room...making a presence..."
I described the agonizing flu-like symptoms. 
"It’s like someone took my skeleton, poured gasoline on it, and lit it on fire..." 
Dr. D. nodded. "That's what the drug is supposed to do," he said. "That's normal." 
Since o…