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Is Jesus really present in the Blessed Sacrament? What's your vote?

With a recent Pew Research survey indicating many Catholics don’t believe the church’s core teaching of the Eucharist, I’ve got a story to tell.
Years ago, I was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer. My medical team suggested we ‘watch and wait’, delaying treatment until absolutely necessary. “ We have one bullet to shoot this with,” my oncologist said. “We don’t want to use it too soon. If we do, when the cancer returns, as it always does, there’s nothing we can do for you.”
Months later, my health weakened. My bones ached. My head hurt. Fatigue reigned. My medical team watched closely.
Back then, our oldest daughter was graduating from eighth grade at our parish school. The registration deadline for the Catholic high school, our school of choice, was fast approaching. However, the fear of cancer raised doubts.
What if medical bills consumed our finances? What if I was too sick to function? What if I was too weak to drive her to school?
So, one particular weekday, struggling with those uncer…