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Have you ever felt like this?

Have you ever felt like this?
by Debra Tomaselli
The meeting room was packed. Maybe it was the time of year. Maybe because the topic was art. But for whatever reason, the cancer support group was crowded.I took the last available seat.
The meeting began with short introductions. Then we were given paper, scissors, glue and magazine cutouts to make collages representing our lives.
Most people chose happy quotes or inspirational images, but Cathy, a newcomer to the group, chose pictures of angry men. She wanted to talk.
“That’s what he looks like ever since I’ve had cancer,” Cathy said.I missed whether it was a husband or a longtime live-in boyfriend, but clearly he was significant to her.
Compassion filled the room.
“It’ll be okay,” someone offered. “Be patient. It may just be the way he’s handling it.”
“He may not be angry, really,” another said. “It may be that he’s just sad.”
But Cathy shook her head.
“You know how sometimes an added stressor like cancer can magnify underlying problems that …