Monday, February 12, 2018

Ever wonder if anyone is listening when you pray?

My heart is heavy. So many prayer many prayer requests...for a family member struggling with cancer...for the family of a young man who died in a car crash this week...for a friend who is unemployed...for a cousin who had surgery...

I'd gathered my rosary beads and headed outside to pray. A gentle breeze welcomed me as the late afternoon sun cast streaks of white clouds against a vibrant blue sky.   

I slipped the beads through my fingers with each Hail Mary. Take care of my friends, I'd pray. We trust in you. You are Lord. 

Around the third decade, I leaned back in my chair and looked up.  

Surprisingly, two white lines had formed a cross against the stark blue sky. At the time, the dimensions and clarity of the cross were perfect! (I wish I hadn't waited so long to snap this picture, as the image already lost some of it's shape in the picture attached here.) 

My heart jumped! It was clearly a cross. Nothing more. Nothing less. It was definitive. It was distinct. There was a cross in the sky.  While I was praying, the clouds had formed a cross in the sky!  

The image, however, brief as it was, sent a clear message. It was, in a sense, an answer to prayer. I knew it was no mistake that I happened to see the fleeting image moments before it disappeared. It had a message to deliver.  

Oh, yes. Up there in the heavenly realms, someone's listening. Our prayers are not in vain.  The Lord hears us when we reach out to him.  We may not understand everything now, but that's okay.  We can trust our Lord. We can lean on him for strength. Our God really is an awesome God. 

Happy Monday!  I hope your week goes well, and thank you for being here! 
Click here for a song! We Are Here For You by Matt Redman.

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