Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Singing In The Rain...Ta Da De Doe Doo!

There's so much I want to do. Goals to set. Ideas to grow. Places to see.

But these days, they are distant dreams. These days, my attempts to function are as successful as trying to carry water in my hands. Maybe I can pool a little functionality here and there, but it's quickly gone.

It's okay, I remind myself. Be still, and know that I am doing God's will.


After all, the Master Planner is at work.

You, too. Wherever you find yourself, whatever your situation, it's the same for you too, you know.

And with that, I believe, all is well.

Click here to listen to Still by Hillsong.
Please take time to listen to the end, Take time to listen with a prayerful heart. If you are facing a storm of your own, this song says it all. It helped me, I hope it helps you, my friend.

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