Friday, June 30, 2017

Thursday's Thoughts (on a Friday)

Years ago, when I fell ill and was hospitalized, cancer appeared to be the culprit. It was a scary thought. Cancer would disrupt everything. My children were young. My husband needed me.

They ran a battery of tests and the night before my results were in, I awoke to beams of soft moonlight stretching across the room. It was late. The house was quiet. I grabbed my bible, lit a lamp, and randomly flipped to this verse:

No matter what happens, I will constantly praise the Lord.
Psalm 34:1

My head snapped to attention. No matter what? Really? What if this was cancer? That was asking a bit much, wasn't it?

As soon as the thought ran through my mind, however, an unexpected inner strength arose. My response came from deep within. It was automatic. It was resolute. It was filled with conviction. Absolutely...No matter what.

A wave of peace covered me as I realized that, no matter what, I would still praise the Lord.

The oncologist phoned the next morning. Surprisingly, I'd somehow escaped the bullet.
At least this time, it was not the cancer.

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