Monday, July 10, 2017

Be Still...and know...

God is always speaking to us. We need simply to recognize the whisperings of his still, small voice.  

After completing all the lab and hospital testing ordered by the oncologist, today was the day I'd meet with him to discuss the results. I woke up feeling a little nervous.

It was Tuesday. I drove my kids to St. Mary Magdalen school, parked my car, and headed straight into the church, where Mass would soon begin. I needed to find peace.

What if this was cancer? My mom died of cancer. Hers was a quick downhill slide. Experimental surgery and chemotherapy did nothing but make her ill.  Would I repeat her experience? Would I soon die? How would my husband and young children cope?

Little did I know, but God already knew my questions. He'd already prepared an answer. The question is: would I recognize it?

I'd come to the right place.

Upon entering the church, I slipped into a back pew. I bowed my head and prayed for most of the Mass, but when we stood and lined up for communion, I spotted a couple of moms from our school.

I didn't know Mary personally, but everyone knew she'd recently battled brain cancer and won the war. She was once bald, but today, I was struck by her short, thick brown hair, straight as stick, growing back in. It was a sign of health.

Next, I spotted Linda, the Girl Scout leader who befriended me when my troop and hers happened to go on a weekend camping trip together. She'd shared with me that, as a young adult, she'd battled lymphoma. Her doctors advised the treatments would render her infertile, yet, she'd married and given birth to a son and a daughter. She was a sign of hope.

Both women, faith-filled as they are, were walking miracles.

My heart leapt.

I'll never forget my exact thought: “God, are you trying to tell me that the diagnosis won’t be good news, but that everything is going to be okay?”  

The answer would come later that day.

Please tune in next Monday to see what happens next. See you then!

In the meantime, here's a song for you! Click here for Be Still, by Don Moen.

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