Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Publix...Where Shopping Really Is A Pleasure

I was standing in the butter aisle of our local grocery store when a rush of happiness welled up within me. I looked around, and, eyes sparkling with delight, offered a prayer of thanks.

Yep, right there in the refrigerated aisle of Publix.

(Cancer has taught me not to take anything for granted.)

First of all, I couldn't believe I was in the grocery store (it's been awhile.. a long while..).
Do you know how good it is to glimpse life out from under a blanket of suffering?

I was captivated by the beauty of the colorful butter and yogurt options. Have you ever really seen the splendor in those cases?

Additionally, the blast of refreshing cool air that washed over me from the refrigerator case was delightful. How many times have I taken for granted such simple pleasures?

I chose a tub of Fleishman's and watched my husband, a few feet ahead, reach for a container of milk. A chill ran through me, knowing how blessed I was to be here with him... that we could be here together...(Cancer has also taught me not to take anyone for granted.)

As we walked to our car, grocery bags in hand, I marveled at the goodness of God. I'm keenly aware of the gift of these moments, aren't you?

I was filled with joy and laughed, thinking of the store's motto...and how, thanks be to God, this shopping trip was, as they say, truly a pleasure!

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