Wednesday, August 16, 2017

When people rush you, here's what to do

One of my first jobs was working for an insurance agency and this particular day I learned a very important lesson. Ken, one of the owners, was leaving for a critical meeting, and needed me to prepare and type a certificate of insurance for him to take to our client. The co-worker who normally handled that was out for the day.

I was new so I felt rattled as Ken stood, watching and waiting for me to get the form ready so he could leave. 

Nervously, I cranked paper into the typewriter and began typing information into the correct boxes. Rushing, I accidently input the wrong information. Then I got a new certificate and this time made a typing error. Ken looked at the clock.  Heart racing, I grabbed another blank certificate and began again.

My hands were shaking as I finally handed the completed form to Ken, which he took, quickly thanked me and raced out the door. 

Relief washed over me as I sat back in my chair and exhaled.

I didn't even notice that Ed, the other owner of the business, was nearby, observing all this.

After Ken's car left the parking lot, Ed approached my desk. He paused briefly, barely long enough to deliver his bit of advice. I'll never forget his gentle manner or his counsel, which was packed with understanding and guidance.

"When people rush ya," he said, looking my way. "Don't let 'em rush ya." 

With that, we went on about our business.

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