Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Are you thinking no one's paying attention? Think again.

"You haven't written in awhile, have you?" my friend says. Another writes, "Hey Deb- haven't heard anything from you. Everything okay?" Then there's this voicemail..."It's been a little quiet from over there...checking in on you..."

Yes, I admit, it has been quiet. It has been awhile.

I could make excuses. I could say I've been working on marketing my column to other states (I have!)...or that I wasn't sure what to blog about anymore (also true)...and that I decided it's time to quit talking about my health (seriously!)...

Yes, I could say all that...but, honestly, the reason I haven't written goes deeper.

As I crawl out from under this blanket of illness, my mind is racing. Even though I can't do most of what I envision, I'm restless.

So my prayer life dwindles. I lose focus. Distractions derail my thoughts. God is expelled. Worry wins.  

Indeed, why write? I couldn't possibly have anything worthwhile to say. 

Then, recently, while visiting our daughter, we attended her downtown church. The message pictured above can be found on the wall across the street from St. Ann's parking lot.

Those big, bright, startling words were the first thing I saw when we arrived. They were the last thing I saw when we left. In fact, that's when I snapped this picture. I wanted to both keep these words and share them.

Because I just needed to hear it.

And maybe you do too.

For everything created by God is good...  1 Timothy 4:4

I'll be back!  Meanwhile, click here for 'More' - an amazing song by Matthew West.

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