Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Observing Memorial Day...with growing appreciation for the mission...

We attended Memorial Day ceremony at a local cemetery yesterday, where we saluted each branch of our armed forces, prayed for fallen comrades, and sang patriotic songs. 

The ceremonies, led by a beloved local television commentator, included ROTC members from local high schools, Boy Scouts directing traffic, and honorary members from a Civil War reenactment group. 

Spectators, young and old alike, resembled a sea of red, white and blue. A preschool girl, blonde curls bouncing in the breeze, stood tiptoe on a folding chair while watching the activities. One Marine got up and told his story. Nearby, an elderly woman, accompanied by her daughter, wiped tears while listening to the presentation. When the event dispersed, we took little American flags and placed them on nearby grave sites.

The gun salute triggered the memory of when my older brother was drafted to Viet Nam. I remembered how sad my mom was, how he hated to go, and how that changed his life. I remembered how young and clueless I was, and still am (well, clueless, anyway), and I fought tears. 

I thought about our friends and family that make/made their lives in the Armed Forces. I thought about how they proudly and bravely guard over our nation's well-being...I thought about how their families are just as involved in the sacrifices made for our freedoms...Today, maybe more than ever, my appreciation rises to the sky...thank you.

You are the Archangels of our great Nation, the keepers of our peace, the soldiers of our freedom, the protectors of our safety. 

Thank you for your *mission. Thank you for your service. 

May we always keep the faith, and may we always be, as our founding fathers planned...one nation under God. 

May God bless America!

Want a song? Here's God Bless the USA  by Lee Greenwood. 

*Remember the reference to mission. I'll post a prayer by Henri J. Nouwen later this week regarding mission...our missions...all of us. It's powerful. It'll sharpen your focus. I promise.

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