Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Sharing the Art of a Message

I'm sure God puts us in the shoes we are in for a reason, and that reason is to help others who are walking that same path, right?  So, with that thought in mind, I've attended a few cancer group support meetings at Florida Hospital. 

The poster pictured above, dated December 2016, is something I made at one of those meetings. 

While most meetings feature guest speakers or open discussions, this one was different. We were invited to choose images from magazines, glue them to poster board, and, if we wanted to, share its meaning. (I wanted to...Of course.) 

Here's what I said:

"I chose "Make a Difference" because that's what we are here to do in life...Make a Positive Difference in the lives entrusted to our care and all those we encounter in the course of our days; family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, store clerks, strangers.

I added flowers because they represent there's so much beauty in life. 

I added the girl climbing a rock wall and the boy flying in his superhero costume because in order to make a difference...we must  take risks...take a leap in faith...we must talk to the stranger, welcome the lost, give just a little bit more...we must get our of our comfort zones.

The clock represents that time is limited. We must do it - and do it now! We don't have forever.

And the girl on the horse at the beach? Again, there's such beauty in nature.  I find beauty and regrowth in solitude. 

Feed your spirit."

Here's a song that'll feed your here for Steve Angrisano's Go, Make a Difference! 

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