Monday, April 10, 2017

Friday's Here, But...Sunday's A-Coming

Years ago, I was still new at this Good Friday thing. Again, I debated whether or not to go, and this time I ended up racing to church as the service was starting. Good thing. Turns out there was a sermon I needed to hear.

I was still struggling with my brother's death. I'd come a long way, but I still harbored feelings of guilt- anger turned inward- for the way things turned out.  In fact, I'd resigned myself to the thought that I'd feel miserable about his death forever. Somehow that felt the right thing to do.

But I was drawn to God, and for good reason. That Good Friday afternoon, Christ tapped me on the shoulder, letting me know I had more to learn.

I slipped into the packed church. The lights were dimmed. A red cloth was draped over the life-sized crucifix on the altar. The reverence of the congregation was contagious.

That day, Father Tom's sermon had one central message. It got my attention. It was short and direct. It hit home.

"We are not to get stuck in the suffering of Christ," he said. "Remember, there's a resurrection. There's always a resurrection."

My head snapped to attention. Could the priest read my mind? Surely I'd never be as happy as I once was, before Jim's death. I was resigned to that, and I thought God was okay with that too.

However, while Father Tom talked about the crucifixion, he again advised us not to get stuck there. He summed it up in a simple phrase, which he repeated several times throughout his sermon:  "Friday's here, but Sunday's a-coming."

That phrase changed everything for me. It shined a light in a dark place. 

So did Christ's resurrection.

In closing, Father Tom repeated his message. His words were meant for you too, you know.

"Remember this," he said. "Friday's here, but Sunday's a-coming...Don't get stuck in the suffering....Friday's here but Sunday's a-coming."

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