Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Think He's Got Your World in His Hands?

I'm struggling through another round of debilitating cancer treatments. It's discouraging. Sunday I felt too poorly to go to church, and really, I could have used the inspiration.

So on Monday I was determined to get to Mass. Mass is my tranquilizer. God speaks to us there, guides, directs and comforts us.

I trudged my way into the church as the priest approached the altar.  Immediately his opening statements hit home, making me glad I was there.

"It is the Feast of St. Rita," Fr. Frank said. "She is the Patron Saint of Incurable Diseases and Impossible Situations.

What? Really? 

I'd never thought of it this way, but I do have an incurable disease. After all, the cancer I have, while treatable, is incurable.

And I have an impossible situation. The problem I mentioned in a recent post, the distant relative who betrayed me, is an impossible situation. Although he wants an apology from me, he refuses to accept an apology from me.

I relaxed my shoulders. Just knowing others face similar challenges was a freeing thought.

No wonder I had to be at this Mass. I love it when God reaches out and touches me...calls my name...speaks to me...whispers words of encouragement...directs me...Could today's message have been any more personalized? 

In his homily, the priest said that St. Rita's message is one of surrender. Surrender, with hope, he said. Not in a giving-up sense. Surrender to the care of God who so dearly loves us...the God who loves us now into eternity.

When the Mass ended, I left with a spring in my step.

Thank you God for showing up. Thanks for the strength, for the advice.

I can do that.

This songs for you! Click here for "I Surrender" by Hillsong.

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