Wednesday, May 3, 2017

It's May - Do You Know What That Means?

Welcome to the month of May!  In the liturgical calendar, this month is devoted to Mary, the Mother of God.

Let's pray the rosary! Let's walk through the life of Christ, letting the prayers of the rosary lead the way.

Just a clarification for my non-Catholic friends: As Catholics, we don't worship Mary. We worship God. We worship Jesus. But not Mary. 

However, we recognize Mary's holiness as the devoted mother of Jesus. She is our role model. We want to see Jesus through her eyes. When we pray to her, we are asking her to pray to God for us, the same way we ask our friends to pray for us.

Please hear this, my dear non-Catholic friends. We are together on this: All glory and honor belong to Christ.

Next Wednesday I'll share some stories of what the rosary means to some people who pray it.

But for now, please consider this: Dynamic Catholic is challenging us to pray 5,000,000 rosaries (collectively, of course.)  Learn more by visiting their website at for details.

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