Thursday, November 9, 2017

Dynamic Catholic leads us in prayer today...let's do this!

Dynamic Catholic's Blessed Reconciliation program is now available! The prayer on page 1 (below) is so meaningful (challenging) that I had to it share with you. Wait til you see it! 

In it, I suppose every person includes even the most difficult personalities...I'm guessing unexpected changes in our plans (like my surprise hospital stay) could be considered an adventure...And I'm thinking a desire to change and grow, as mentioned in the last paragraph, requires sacrifice and commitment. 

Enough. Let's pray it. With a little perseverance, may we be blessed; able to sculpt our human nature into something beautiful, as described here:

God, our loving Father,
thank you for all the ways you bless me.

Help me to be aware that every person,
place, and adventure I experience is an
opportunity to love you more.

Fill me with a desire to change and to grow,
and give me the grace to become
the-best-version-of-myself in
every moment of every day.


Thanks for praying with me. One of our granddaughters, who will soon make her first reconciliation, is enjoying this program. Frankly, so are we!

Dynamic Catholic offers enriching books and programs for individuals and parishes.  
Click here for more information.

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