Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Here's to a little light reading in the chemo lab...

Most of us like having a purpose. We like to interact with others.  We like to set goals and achieve them.  At least, I do. It's a part of who I am...but lately, as I remain housebound, battling the relentless side effects of cancer treatments, I wonder...what is my purpose?

My calendar, once filled with business meetings, volunteer work and social engagements, now tells a different story. It's filled with doctor appointments, ER visits, and hospitalizations.

I never expected to face relentless health issues.

One recent day, the sad state of affairs discouraged me. What is my role? Where are the coworkers? The social engagements? The volunteer activities? What are my goals?

As I pondered these questions, an inner thought surfaced.

Being a patient is your business now...that's what's assigned to you at the moment. 

Suddenly, instead of wishing those medical appointments would disappear so I could get on with my life, I realized this is my life...and while it may not be what I expected, I've been divinely assigned this mission.

Managing my health is work, it's hard work. For now, it's my role. The doctors, nurses and fellow patients are my coworkers.  Who knows what they'll learn from my experience? Who knows what I'll learn from them?

Once again, I've got to let go.  Accept it.

I'm living the life God ordained for me for today. (Most likely, you are too.)

I have a purpose and it's no less important than my former life. My goal is to know, love and serve God...wherever and however that takes me.

Let it go...what a peaceful thought.

That, my friend, is the Joy of the Full Surrender.

(By the way, yes, I was reading that book in the chemo lab last week.)

Thank you for being here. I hope you'll like listening to this beautiful melody by Hillsong, entitled 
I Surrender All. Click here to listen, and have a wonderful day!

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