Thursday, November 2, 2017

I can't stand it when things don't go my way...but here's a prayer that helps

Lord, I take all you give,
and I give all you take.
--Mother Teresa

I heard this prayer, attributed to Mother Teresa, while watching TV Mass one evening. 

I had just, unwillingly, but wisely, declined a writing project with deadlines extending from May through September.
The assignment involved research, connecting saints to acts of mercy in today’s world. I love good news stories. There are so many selfless giants right in our midst.  
When asked to do the project, I quickly responded: "Yes!" 
Within hours, however, I realized upcoming cancer treatments and the resulting debilitation would conflict with my ability to the meet deadlines.   
I wrestled with the fact that I wanted the commitment, and that the project would be enriching, but in the end, I knew I couldn't deliver. 
I cringed, composing my declination email. This wasn't what I wanted. I love writing. I love projects like this. Fighting tears, I pushed the send button.
I was angry that I had to relinquish something I wanted so much.  
Then, along comes this prayer:  Lord, I take all you give and I give all you take.

It couldn't have surfaced at a better time:
Twelve simple words...They changed everything.

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